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Dress Code

These requirements are for the Safety of your Child(ren) and are necessary for participation.

* Bare feet are required

*  No jewelry including

cloth bracelets, anklets or chokers

*  All hair must be secured up away from face

without hard pieces, holders or scrunchies

*  No Acrylic nails

*  Nails that are long or pointed will not be permitted

The Star Factory

Girls and Boys 5 and under can wear any form of non-baggy, flexible clothing that is absent of hoods, strings, skirts, snaps, buttons and zippers.


Girls should wear a gymnastics leotard, without an attached skirt or a T-shirt that will stay tucked in. Spandex shorts and/or tights over the legs only, may be worn. No bare mid drift or baggy clothes.


Tumblers should wear form fitting athletic wear without hoods, strings, skirts, zippers, snaps or buttons. No baggy or bare mid drift clothing.

Ninja Stars

Ninjas have a special shirt that will need to be purchased separately from our Chalk It Up pro-shop. Athletic shorts or sweats that are absent of buttons, hoods, strings, snaps and zippers can be worn.

Birthday Party & Open Gym

For the safety of your child please be sure they are wearing flexible clothing absent of hoods, strings, skirts, snaps, buttons and zippers. Please no jewelry, dresses or baggy/loose clothing. Long hair must be in a ponytail(s) with out hard pieces or holders. Bare feet will be required.