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Star Factory ages 1-5

The Star Factory – is for boys and girls ages 1 to 5 years. Classes are coed and designed to develop all learning skills. Our class structure will give your child a large variety of gymnastics based tumbling, swinging, bouncing and climbing along with many other forms of movement. Our program is designed to improve not only their physical skills but also their social and cognitive development. A fun, safe and positive environment is the highest priority to ensure that your child will be secure emotionally to develop the self confidence that all children need to succeed in sports, school and life. 

Mini Stars – 30 minutes

Ages 16 – 26 months with an Adult

Do you have an active toddler that likes to move but not yet ready for a set structure? From the moment you walk into the gym with your child they will have the option of climbing, hanging, rolling and exploring all forms of movement and coordination. Mini Stars will join the Twinkling Stars after their Opening Activities and move right to the fun stations we have designed for our younger Stars! The soft structure in this class will guide your child to improving their listening skills and attention span while developing social skills with other children. Your child will grow in confidence as their physical, emotional and mental skills improve with each class.

Twinkling Stars – 40 minutes

Ages 2 – 3 ½ years with an Adult


When your child is ready to move, climb, crawl, hang, swing, bounce, roll and have fun with you, this class will be a blast for both. Our staff will direct you on how to be your child’s personal trainer while participating in different activities each week. This is a great class for them to develop their social skills by being around other children. We will softly develop their ability to follow instruction and structure.

Rising Stars – 50 minutes

Ages 3 – 4 years

Is your child ready to go it alone with our experienced instructors? We will safely introduce your child to all forms of tumbling, swinging, bouncing and being upside down in a fun, active format. This class will develop your child’s physical skills, social interaction and learning abilities. The progressive stations will develop self confidence, strength and all basic gymnastics skills. Our class structure will increase their listening, attention span and mind to body connections.

Shooting Stars – 60 minutes

Ages 4 – 5 years


This class will challenge the new or experienced student. Tumbling on mats, swinging on bars and bouncing on trampolines are just some of the activities your child will experience. Each week different stations will improve their skills in a progressional format. They will become stronger and more agile while increasing their listening skills, attention span and mind to body connections in a positive learning environment. A great way to have fun, increase fitness and learn gymnastics.