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Tumbling 1 – 45 minutes

This class is for our pre flipping students. Your child will learn the Beginning and Intermediate steps of Rolls, Cartwheels and Handstands while preparing for flipping skills. Our experienced staff will use a variety of mats, cushions and trampolines to safely progress them to the Tumbling 2 class.

No experience necessary.

Tumbling 2 – 45 minutes

This class is for our students that are flipping or ready to flip. We will teach all advanced level skills for front, side and back flipping using mats, cushions and trampolines to keep learning safe.

Instructor approval required.

Tumbling Ages 10+ – 45 minutes

This class is designed to cover Tumbling 1 and Tumbling 2 skills for our older students. We will provide students with the basic skills, strength, flexibility and body awareness to learn a back handspring. Learning will be safe and as fast as possible. The more advanced tumblers will be challenged to do flipping and twisting skills. The most effective way to advance is to do multiple classes per week!

No experience necessary.