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Ninja Stars

Ninja Stars class is a new sport inspired by combining Gymnastics, Parkour and Martial Arts. The blending of these sports provides a highly active, fun and challenging program. Each class will work specific skills and then combine them into a series of actions so they move like a Ninja! This program will improve strength, coordination, focus and confidence while having fun being a Ninja.    


Mini Ninja Stars – 45 minutes

Ages 4 to 5 years

If your child likes to run, jump, roll, swing, and bounce then this is their class. Mini Ninjas will use all of these activities along with their energy to develop their brain to body connections while increasing their physical abilities. The primary goal of this class is to increase listening, focus, and control while having fun being a Ninja!

Ninja Stars Level 1 – 45 minutes

Ages 6 years & up


This class begins their Ninja Stars journey by learning specific tumbling, swinging, vaulting, kicking, and bouncing skills. Watch their strength, body control, and confidence grow as they achieve their first set of Ninja skills!

Ninja Stars Level 2 – 45 minutes

Ages 6 years & up


Their Ninja Stars adventure continues with a new set of skills and combinations. This class will raise the challenge to their physical strength, coordination, focus, and body control. As they move through Level 2 skills you will start to see more flight and flipping!

Ninja Stars Level 3/4 – 60 Minutes

Ages 6 years & up

The Level 3 & 4 skills will create the need for a faster pace while attempting more complicated combinations and working bigger flips. Bring your Ninja muscles and focus for this class!

Ninja Stars Dress Code: Ninjas have a special shirt that will need to be purchased separately from our Chalk It Up pro-shop. Shorts or sweat pants, that are absent of buttons and zippers can be worn over their legs.