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with Gym Stars ETC since 2012


Favorite:  Color – Burgundy    Holiday – Christmas

I enjoy interacting with the families and watching them evolve over the years. Some of the preschool kids, when I started, are now teens, and their younger siblings are moving up the levels. And some of the past coaches at Gym Stars are now parents, bringing in their little ones.


My favorite time at Gym Stars is Halloween time, seeing all the kids in their costumes, and being able to come to work in costume; how cool is that?!?!


Behind the scenes, I can usually be found working on some craft/art project; all types of medium.  Some of it  can be found on the Birthday Board in the foyer. And my little dog, Toby, is always by my side.


Fun fact: Two of my three kids have worked as coaches at Gym Stars…one still does!