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with Gym Stars ETC since 2015


Favorites:   Color – Red    Holiday – Christmas


Coach Stephanie has been dancing ballet since she was eight years old and was a member of the Purdue Repertory Dance Company. She also has three kids who have participated in the Gym Stars programs. Some of Coach Stephanie’s other passions include fitness and using her skills as a speech-Language Pathologist.


“I love teaching gymnastics because it is teaching in its purest form. Teaching gymnastics closely reflects my classroom teaching style. I love seeing students react enthusiastically to the postive, fun interactive classes.”


“I love watching the smallest students gain gross motor skills and learn to love moving and being strong. I love teaching my older students how repetition and details will help them gain higher skills and tricks.”


  • USA Gymnastics Professional Member
  • USA Gymnastics Safety & Risk Management Certified
  • USOC Safe Sport Certified
  • USA Gymnastics Instructor